ItalyLockDown 4

Europe is locking down, one country at a time, and every closure is a painful event for every European citizen. I spent the day trying to figure out if, and if so, how, Alex should come back home. Hopefully he can do so on Sunday. Anxiety is mounting at the enormity of what is unfolding in front of our very own eyes. Even Christine Lagarde messed up! So, thank God for the fifth season of Black-ish on Amazon.

I see schools closing and lockdowns everywhere. Many of you will be living the same reality soon, hopefully with less devastation outside – like when you have a hurricane warning but it does not materialize. We humans make a habit of our routines – or routines of our habits? – so now staying inside seems already normal (maybe fear helps in this regard…) And it feels normal that your sister or your neighbor leaves grocery bags outside your door and you chat with them from a very safe distance, even if you are totally fine (thermometers don’t lie!) and life outside your window looks so very normal – just a bit more quiet. Today I looked at our winter coats hanging in our entrance, and I realize we might not need them when we will get out – inevitably, spring is coming.

The news is like a war bulletin: updated numbers of infected, deaths, recoveries … Some good news from the areas in Lombardy that first went into complete lockdown: very few new infections, social distancing seems to work, but unfortunately more cases expected elsewhere, after thousands left Milan in a hurry last Saturday mostly traveling South.

We are now at three deaths: our elderly as always are the first one to succumb. The Red Cross is setting up camp hospitals throughout the region, hopefully they will not be filled. I write this and I don’t believe what I am writing.

I leave you with a corny video about Italy that chocked me up. Sound on (if it works) for the greatest tenor of all times (hope on in all countries!)

You know what you need to do. Good night and good luck.

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