A SLAPP in the mountains

South Tyrol, an autonomous region in Northeastern Italy where German and Italian languages co-exist, is best known for its spectacular mountain peaks and lush vineyards. Tourists flock to it in increasingly record numbers for its ski and hiking trails, its bike paths and thermal baths, and its food offer that ranges from gourmet pizzas to…

Italy Reconnects

Let’s not use catchphrases like Our New Normal – there’s nothing normal about it, and the idea of living with it for the foreseeable future is hard to bear!

May The 4th Be With Italy

And so, today, we switched back on. Not every shop or every profession, but several million Italians are back in business and at their desks.  Our cities have been slowly coming back to life for the he past couple of weeks, and today they eventually lost that unique, almost sacred look of meaningful emptiness that…

Vestiti della pandemia

Oggi mi sono messa una camicetta e i pantaloni – non particolarmente eleganti, ma dei veri pantaloni, con bottone e cintura. La mia vicina 86enne, con la quale ci salutiamo ogni giorno sul pianerottolo, mi ha chiesto dove dovevo andare, così elegante.

My Empty City

I went downtown yesterday, for the first time in six weeks. A few more shops have opened, and I needed a replacement for SodaStream (the one thing I missed during isolation!) So I was allowed to venture outside the 400m-limit currently imposed in my town for simple walks (a doubling from the initial 200m!) Click…

Non sprecare risorse e non sprecare fiducia

In una terra dove ogni abitante nasce praticamente dotato di sciarpa, e chiunque passa qui in inverno se ne procura subito una, la distribuzione di scaldacolli pagati con i soldi pubblici ha suscitato molte perplessità.

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