ItalyLockDown Day 1

I don’t even know where to start. I can just say that it still doesn’t seem real. Overwhelming mood: sadness.

First of all, lockdown does not mean standstill – shops and workplaces are open, so (fewer) people are out and about, supposedly keeping at a safe distance from each other. Policy makers in Lombardy want a complete standstill in all activities (exceptions for food and health). Wuhan docent.

We are not in a ghost town, but some sense of urgency has finally set in.

[Stop touching your face, BTW]

I have stopped visiting my elderly parents (should have done it earlier!); Anna stopped meeting with friends even for walks (should have done it earlier!) Doing all meetings by phone (should have done it earlier!) And I met my sister for a few minutes, outdoors, keeping at a safe distance…

The disconnect between what little is, in fact, asked of the majority of us (just stay home!) and the enormity of what is going in the hospitals is gigantic. It is brought home only by the dramatic stories from exhausted health workers circulating on social media, all appealing to our sense of responsibility and urging us to stay home, you as!

Just saw that Sanders and Biden suspended campaign events. About time! Maybe some of our pleads to learn from our mistakes are having an impact!

Stay safe and stay home!

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