I avoided any comparison with 9/11 in the past few days, out of respect for the victims of the attacks and the wars that followed.

But the feeling of loss of all certainties, the feeling that the ground below your feet is giving in, taking you to uncharted territory, is very similar.

The difference is that in 2001 things changed immediately on that clear September morning.

Now, every day, every hour, something else is chipped away from the pillars of our everyday life. And when it happens, we wonder how could we simply take it all for granted?

Woke up to the latest blow just now. By now we know more will follow, maybe today, maybe in the next few minutes. Still, the suspension of travel to our home of 20 years – takes a moment to take in.

Imperative to focus our minds on the light at the end of the tunnel. This will end. The sooner we change our habits the sooner we can rebuild our certaintlies – they will be different of course, but hope and pray that unrestricted travel to the U.S. will again be one of them.


Stay safe, stop touching your face!, and stay home.

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